How to Build a List

How to build a list? What is the list for anyway?

An email list is a list of email contacts that you will be sending daily, weekly, or monthly reminders, newsletters, and announcements to. Most email lists require that you get the recipient’s permission, whether by them filling out a form on your website or blog, or a box that comes up asking if they want to join your mailing list after purchasing products or services from you. Your email list can be built a variety of ways, and has many uses and benefits to businesses.

Use What you Have

Start building your email list by starting with contacts you already have. This may be emails for people who have purchased products or services from you in the past, or even personal contacts that you have permission from to send emails and newsletters. You may find that you have a good sized list just by going with the people you know.

Social Media List Building

After putting your current contacts into an email list for your business, the next step will be utilizing social media for adding more contacts. You can do this by simply posting a status update on Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter with a form to fill out, asking them to join your mailing list. You will be surprised by how many people offer to sign up for your email list if it’s just a simple form to click on and fill out.

Fairs and Trade Shows

If you sell handmade goods or visit local trade shows and craft fairs with your products, then putting out a clipboard with sign-up information is crucial. All you need is a blank form that lets people sign up for your mailing list by putting their email address and name (which is optional) in order to let you build your email list and expand it. Leave the sign-up form next to your cash register or on one of your front tables so that it is visible and easy for customers to find.

Purchasing an Email List

The question often comes up about whether or not you should purchase an email list. In case you weren’t aware, this is a demoralizing practice. People on these purchased email lists have not given permission to have their names on various businesses email lists, and therefore it is frowned upon, if not illegal. Never purchase an email list with users who never agreed to receive emails from you. Using other methods will get you the response you’re looking for, so there’s no need to break the boundaries of what’s appropriate.


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